United elements


.  The Ocean & The Vulcan  .

.       .

the whispers

enter inside

and wait…



…understanding the logos,

mosaics of a route.

Many times we don’t know what to say

because it’s banal, it’s already known…

it is in that way that dies the love.


That strength that takes you

and breaks you down

seems to give all of a sudden

the key

the sense, to a secret strength.


Life is not in a room but thousands of oceans with the same sunrise.

Do you feel the laces?

that everything has a price!

that asks you a payback: a loop where you hold your breath!?


Memories are dry branches

Sometime. Keep them with you down. Etchings of the time.


The grit of you

it takes me to sit and wait with you,

with you, I can sit in a bench

and understand… while we travel.


The comprehension is a fascinating power

to the wonder, the wonder is the key to fun

the fun is the fire of happiness:


a life when you don’t ask what this stream is.



Informazioni su Mehiel Free

The Sky and The Earth Meet in The Horizon, My Art and My Profession Meet in This Blog. . . A Poet, a painter, a wanna-be video-editor, specialized in Migration/Immigration, Degrees in Giornalism (MA) and Literature and Philosophy (BA). Collabs welcomed!
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