Mens agitat molem .-. Θάλαττα, θάλαττα

– _ – [ molem Mens agitat ] – _ . .  _ .


« Thalatta! Thalatta!
All hail to thee, thou eternal sea!
All hail to thee ten thousand times
From my jubilant heart,
As once thou wast hailed
By ten thousand Grecian hearts.
Misfortune-combating, homeward-yearning,
World-renowned Grecian hearts.
[Heinrich Heine da – Senofonte] »



Mehiel Free – Pensiero stupendo – 2016

I am like the wind.


I try to be. No, don’t cry, please

I don’t scream

I just look at my body in flames;

while I play the harp..

I am a suicide from the collective judging,

I died and killed

for my self-judgment.


I do not want masters,

……………………………….. domine non sum dignus


my dirty



of despair,

the need for truth

                                                   the ἀλήθεια


Ξίφος τιτρώσκει σῶμα, τὸν δὲ νοῦν λόγος.

I am my own death.


under control.


” Alessandro Filippei: The slander, detail: The (naked) truth -1496- Tempera on panel-Galleria degli Uffizi”

       I could not bear the inability to escape,

just by myself…

– The worst slave traders –

and I accepted their will!


But as the wind

the breeze that I would become

would be a beneficium


like in the clear

hot nights,

overseas, the summer

I’d like to bring


                                                                          Mens agitat molem

I am the creolization

between the air and the water

I’m the wind

that sweeps the storm

and collects it

in the gutters,


suddenly  the mountain

becomes even bigger.



Informazioni su Mehiel Free

The Sky and The Earth Meet in The Horizon, My Art and My Profession Meet in This Blog. . . A Poet, a painter, a wanna-be video-editor, specialized in Migration/Immigration, Degrees in Giornalism (MA) and Literature and Philosophy (BA). Collabs welcomed!
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