I primi sonni da soli


While forgetting you wish to dance, as a justification for those nights in the bar,

Without knowing which road, which faith to follow,

Violating the dawn, imprisoning the body in the summer vacations,

Desiring to obliterate;

Clearing up a cell, opening a greenhouse, turning on the TV

Following a sport;


Surrender to traditions


Like coming back from a place unknown to go,

Like a diseased that doesn’t wish to come out; why does this escape exist?

To whom we have to lie?


Just like the secular Saints we learned from children who play in the streets,

To leave, as a light of those first nights alone, the meaning itself of being happy.

All is a walking away from where we are happy

Because this is a sin;


Than the umbrella floats under the sun,

Our first love is abandoning us,

So we are watching a porn movie,

We create a dramatic scenery,

We are dancing in the rain,

We are loving in the moonlight,

Our silence,

In order to find the meaning of the Earth,

Distant and foaming in our emotions.


Our first nights alone …



Informazioni su Mehiel Free

The Sky and The Earth Meet in The Horizon, My Art and My Profession Meet in This Blog. . . A Poet, a painter, a wanna-be video-editor, specialized in Migration/Immigration, Degrees in Giornalism (MA) and Literature and Philosophy (BA). Collabs welcomed!
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