One way among maids. Video-poetry


Stood on sands
golden armies maiden…


melt perceptions into concepts; thus my eyes upon thee.

wolf in darkmoon fair
when darkness comes i’ll light the night

I am that want your lips; your legs vise bite back.

Do you know what did he?

In the morning, sitting beside her, she was sleeping, just to look!

She woke up! He: a stranger!

He stared ruefully. Mellifluous the invading

She was very embarrassed! I imagine.

It looked like he did not understand … that discomfort!

Think: he called it, also, many times, with her name … Oh – oh – oh

Childish; shit! Epithets, flattery; silly apologist!

Pearl of the Orient Seas! Flower fields of the Middle East! Sun, on the salty abysses!

He did not take her! He touched lightly, only!


He left her to decide. That she left …

Nothing! I still remember you.What it is not ..

We live timeless moments, without hate because exacting, passes without space

Let us get up, your time is over,
Did you see where is the Love?

wolves reek, arose lowly down, handmaid’s sun

I wake up to you, but
there is not love without desire

I give you up


Informazioni su Mehiel Free

The Sky and The Earth Meet in The Horizon, My Art and My Profession Meet in This Blog. . . A Poet, a painter, a wanna-be video-editor, specialized in Migration/Immigration, Degrees in Giornalism (MA) and Literature and Philosophy (BA). Collabs welcomed!
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