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The author was born with artistic fervor and differently with a strong sense of freedom, incompatible with every rule, capricious and closed mental scheme, bigoted or stupid, he suffered as violence; he has always been a passionate love for the great spaces where he could find himself, in the freedom of heaven, the sea, and the boundless grasslands.

For family reasons, parents have changed towns several times, and each time the child had to leave friends and acquaintances and reinvent himself in new contexts everytime. At the age of ten, the separation of the parents definitely contributed to his behavior: melancholic, lonely, rebellious and disinterested.

Due to economic constraints the author grew  as an independent artist with his own style, so much that he head more towards philosophy than art: the artistic author’s vein came out to his first poem at the age of sixteen, when he realized that he preferred the messages he sent to the girls, rather than the ones they sent to him, so he began to write.

He could learn soon that to satisfie his holes inside of his-self he needed a bigger outburst, when he saw that his poems composed pictures, describing colors, evoking shapes and lines he understood…

He graduated with much effort, disappointment and frustration in Letters, believing that they could teach him to write, so began the era of travel. In Ireland he wrote a novel without publishing it, except online. He left for the US, worked a month, bought a car, and made the coast-to-coast roadtrip in another two months. Then he went to live in England, then in Scotland, in Malta, in France, then in Georgia and finally in Poland.

Latent in him on was knocking over his repressed river, the urge to paint could not go out, she screamed under the existence, it expense to know and give vent to all instincts, except that one: the Author did not recognize her and repressed her as he was taught, continuing to look for something to soothe his malaise.

Traveling a lot, working here and without purpose, and disoriented from all he could not understand he realized that he needed concreteness and so he specialized in Political Science, maturing his fields of interest: globalization and immigration.

There were other years of frustration and unemployment, a stage of life that still holds him, but now he has the tremendous benefit of understanding what he wants to do: creating visual conceptual poetry.

To continue in conceptual research and to allow him to have money to have a family, the author has decided to pursue an academic career, and look for someone who collaborates in the visual part where he is lacking.

Here are gathers the poems written over the years and video-poetry; some articles and some paints. They are divided per year in the categories on the right side. The articles are divided into themes.

For collaborations, projects, ideas:


Poems in italian


YouTube Channel for the video-poetry:





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